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We are a passionate team at Pangaea and strive to provide complete corporate branding solutions. We are a strong and experienced team that you can rely on… The Pangaea family is passionate about excellence, customer service and adding that extra sparkle to your brand.

As an expert in corporate branding, we add personalization to customer needs and provide professionalism and efficiency. Our goal is to collaborate with our clients’ teams to help strengthen their corporate image and maximise their brand impact.

We strive to achieve budgets and goals, while providing innovative concepts and offering continuous new ideas.

Our long-term customers have have proven our excellent service and you can get the highest level of recommendation from these customers.

Value Added Services

In-house design team to develop and manage all branding, including tailor made items. Clothing manufacturing service, offering a wide range of products that can be produced for small to large volume. Research and sourcing of products. Creative guidance. Direct Import, ensuring speedy international deliveries. Quality control and order fulfillment. Warehouse and inventory management. Online procurement facilities . Varied range of locally manufactured products.Your brand tells a story. It is not just a logo; it is a combination of visual design, spoken language, and even action, all of which are put together to form a coherent idea about your brand’s value and personality in the audience’s mind. So how do you ensure that your brand tells the right story? Whether you are starting from scratch or rebranding, a well-thought-out brand strategy is the cornerstone of any business that wants to make a lasting impression.

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